Service provision

We offer a comprehensive operational spectrum of services and have invested heavily in new equipment and plant. 

Focused on staff training and health and safety we are committed to ensuring that our services meet the client’s requirements for both quality and information.

Standard Cable
Percussive Drilling

Drilling holes from 300, 250, 200 and 150mm to depths of around 70 metres. We provide full Geotechnical Testing, Piston Testing and Falling Head Tests.

Track-mounted, Low-Headroom Cable Percussive Rig

Mast Heights from 2.30m, 3.50m, 4m, 5m & 5.5m, Drilling holes from 250, 200 and 150mm to depths of approximately 30m. We provide Full Geotechnical Testing, Piston Testing and Falling Head Tests.

Marine and River

From new bridge design to underpinning design, new road crossings to new harbour Quays. We can offer Pontoon hire with Boat support for all projects around the United Kingdom.

Rotary & Drive
Sampling Head

We offer down the hole hammer, solid stem, hollow stem augering, rock coring, all with full Geotechnical testing and certification

Window & Windowless

Light weight track-mounted rigs, 101, 87, 77, 67, 57, 47 liner samples complete with SPT and CPT testing.

Dynamic Probing
Heavy & Super Heavy

Heavy and Super Heavy provision, calculating the grounds strengths. We will find obstructions quickly and source underground cavities. We provide full surveys and will ensure the data is accurate.

GPS with Full
Location Details

We can offer you full location details for CP/Rotary Borehole Locations, Window Sample Hole Locations, Trial Pit/BRE 365 Soakaway Locations and Dynamic Probe Locations.

Water Wells 
Domestic & Commercial

We can drill water wells for domestic and commercial usage. 

Ready to fit 2" to 8" submersible pumps throughout the United Kingdom. 

Remediation Injection System

Using our dual mast percussion rotary rig, we can inject directly into contaminated areas, hammering injection rods in ground then using the rotary head to inject fluid, ensuring Health and Safety protocols are adhered to throughout the project.

Concrete, Bridge Structure Coring & Drilling

Vertical and Horizontal coring from 300mm down to 50mm with bolt down or air vacuum systems available on your projects.

Trial Pits &  Hand Pitting Foundation Inspection Pits

We offer excavators from 1 tonne to 10 tonnes and depths from 1.5m to 6m deep, so no matter the size of your project or programme, Drilltechnics can assist you.  Hand dug pits are using insulated hand tools, providing photographic evidence and drawings

BRE 365 Specified 

Following full BRE specification, we provide the qualified excavator operator, water, gravel and monitoring pipe for these projects throughout the United Kingdom.