We are Drilltechnics

Industry Leaders in Geotechnical Land Drilling and Site Investigations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe

Expert teams

We can offer provision for all your geotechnical land drilling requirements and our teams of expert drillers operate both Nationally and Internationally. From small hand dug pits to carrying out full site investigations we are unsurpassed and our experience and knowledge unrivalled.

Crucial stability

As we all know, the most crucial part of any building or structure is its footing. The entire project rests upon the original foundation. No matter how strong the rest of the structure is, if the foundation is unstable, the building will inevitably encounter various challenges in the future. 

This is where we come in.

Invest at the outset

Did you know that the most common explanations for delays and costly standing time on construction sites is due to a distinct lack of or an inadequate understanding of the ground conditions? There are numerous unanticipated vulnerabilities in the ground that can only be identified by an appropriate and professionally carried out ground investigation. Comparatively minor investment at the outset of any construction or site project can deliver sizeable savings overall. Always check with the professionals.

Cable Percussive
Marine and Track-Mounted Drilling

plus a whole lot more…